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Super TPD Claims and Mental Health


Super TPD Claims and Mental Health

It is well established that people with physical illnesses or injuries can claim Total and Permanent Disability (“TPD”) and other disability benefits. However, we are still often asked, can I claim a TPD benefit due to depression?

Many people who have been diagnosed with depression, anxiety, bi-polar disorder, PTSD, schizophrenia or a number of other similar conditions can claim and be paid TPD benefits.

TPD claims for those with mental health issues can be complicated. However, provided the claimant has sought and is receiving regular treatment from their GP and ideally, a psychologist or even better from an insurance perspective, a psychiatrist, a successful claim can be made.

The key to all TPD claims is making sure that the claimant is engaged with and is well supported by their treating doctors. However, even the best supported claimants can still have issues. This is because the claims process can be long and complicated for claimants, particularly those with mental health.

Coping with the TPD claims process can be daunting

An important consideration for people claiming TPD must be "Will I be able to cope with the TPD claims process?"

It’s no secret that insurance companies can be difficult to deal with and claimants with mental health issues suffer the effects of the insurance company’s behaviour more keenly than most.

Getting sound legal advice and advocacy from the start can avoid many of the headaches that can come with claim delays and rejections.

At Berrill & Watson, we recommend that all claimants take advantage of our free advice sessions before they make a TPD insurance claim. We can provide these over the phone; even if you live outside Australia but are pursuing, or considering pursuing a TPD claim for insurance held in Australia.

If you’d like more information about Super TPD or private insurance TPD claims and mental health, feel free to get in touch directly with today’s blog writer, Tom Cobban.

No matter where you are in Australia, Berrill & Watson Lawyers, the Super Lawyers, can assist you with your TPD or other insurance issues.

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