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If you are forced to stop work because of any injury or illness, you might have a claim for TPD & Income Protection benefits under your superannuation fund or any insurance policy.

These benefits are separate to any WorkCover or motor vehicle insurance claim or any benefits available to you from Centrelink and it doesn’t matter what caused you to cease work.

For example, the cessation from work can be work-related; for example, an injury at work. Or it can be due to an illness which is completely unrelated to work; for example cancer, multiple sclerosis (MS) or chronic fatigue syndrome, amongst others.

The disability benefits can be for monthly payments (usually called Income Protection or Salary Continuance) or a lump sum (usually TPD), or both. Your claim can be for big amounts of money. You may also have multiple claims.

Almost all work-aged Australians are covered for some kind of disability benefit under their super funds, employment or industry insurance schemes, private insurance policies or credit cards. Many Australians aren’t even aware they have this insurance, and it can make a huge difference to your life, financial security and injury/illness recovery.

Help with your disability benefits claim?

If you’re ill or injured and can’t work or have had to reduce your work hours, or are thinking of stopping work, it’s really important to get expert advice on what you are covered for and when you can make a super claim.

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