Superannuation & Insurance

If you stop work because of any injury or illness, you might have a claim for disability benefits (TPD claim) under your superannuation fund or any insurance policy.

This is separate to any WorkCover or motor vehicle insurance claim or any benefits available to you from Centrelink.

The claim can be for monthly payments or a lump sum, or both. You claim can be for big amounts of money. You may also have multiple claims.

Most Australians are covered for disability benefits under their super funds, employment or industry insurance schemes, private insurance policies or credit cards. Many Australians aren’t even aware they have this insurance.

Help with your disability benefits claim?

If you’re ill or injured and can’t work or have reduced your work hours or are thinking of stopping work, it’s really important to get expert advice on what you are covered for and when you can make a super claim.

At Berrill and Watson, we will check your cover for FREE and give you FREE advice on super and insurance questions and do any claims for you “No-Win/No Charge”.

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