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Multiple Sclerosis (“MS”) and TPD


TPD and multiple sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis or MS is a chronic and progressive illness of the nervous system which can have a debilitating impact on a person’s health. Most people who are diagnosed with MS and have worked at some time during their life will be entitled to income protection and Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) benefits which they hold in their super if they stop working due to the symptoms of MS.

MS is a condition which affects people in many different ways.

There are different types of MS; Relapsing Remitting MS, Primary Progressive MS, or Secondary Progressive MS, and the condition affects no two people in the same way.

Some people who are diagnosed with MS suffer only minor symptoms and might only have one or two attacks in a lifetime; they might continue to lead a relatively normal life. Other people may have multiple attacks and thereafter continue to suffer from a debilitating disease which causes significant disability for the remainder of their life.

Symptoms of MS

Some of the symptoms are well-known, like loss of mobility.

Other symptoms are less well-known like:

  • cognitive dysfunction (sometimes called “brain fog”);
  • whole-body pain (sometimes called the “MS hug”);
  • heat sensitivity;
  • susceptibility to stress;
  • pain;
  • incontinence

Just to name a few.

Impact of MS on your capacity to work

In addition to the obvious impact that the symptoms of MS may have on your relationships and your ability to do the things you love to do, an MS diagnosis can also impact on your work capacity. You may have to take time off work on a temporary basis after an attack, reduce your work hours as your condition deteriorates, or you may have to permanently stop working.

It’s important to seek advice if considering stopping work or reducing your hours

If you are diagnosed with MS and are considering ceasing work or changing your work hours or have already ceased work because of your condition, we recommend that you get in touch.

We can give you some free advice about how changes to your employment due to your illness will impact on any superannuation insurance entitlements which may be available to you.

It costs you nothing to find out what your rights and entitlements are.

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