Chronic Illness InfoHub

Welcome to our dedicated chronic illness page, where we provide information and links to assist people that suffer from chronic illnesses and those that care for them.

The resources that you will find here will assist with:

  • TPD, Income Protection, Trauma and other insurance claims;
  • Travel and travel insurance issues;
  • Disability Support Pension (DSP) applications and other Centrelink/Services Australia issues.

We consider a chronic illness to be any illness:

  • that is ongoing for more than a few months;
  • which requires ongoing treatment; and
  • which limits a person’s work capacity and activities of daily living.

For example, the following illnesses would be considered chronic illnesses:

  • Multiple Sclerosis (MS);
  • Parkinson’s Disease;
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME);
  • some physical injuries;
  • some psychiatric illnesses;
  • Fibromyalgia, and more.

Our informational videos

Our range of short informational videos is designed to answer, simply and clearly, what you need to know about particular issues to do with:

  • total and permanent disability claims (TPD);
  • income protection claims;
  • Disability Support Pension (DSP) for people with chronic illness; and
  • travel insurance for people with chronic illness.

View our video library here

Looking for something specific about chronic illness support?

You might find it in one of these articles. You should also feel free to let us know if there’s a topic we should write about that would further assist those living with chronic illness and those who care for them.

Your legal capacity

TPD and income protection insurance for people with a chronic illness

Multiple Sclerosis (“MS”) and TPD

Parkinson’s Disease and TPD and income protection claims

TPD and income protection for people with cancer

TPD Claims and Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)

Depression and TPD claims

What is trauma insurance?

The difference between trauma insurance and TPD insurance

What’s the deal with TPD claims and your capacity to work?

A guide to NDIS entitlements

Social Security Rights Victoria (SSRV) DSP Toolkit

We worked closely with SSRV, on a pro bono project, to develop a toolkit full of resources to assist medical practitioners, social workers and community workers who are helping their clients obtain the necessary evidence for their DSP application.

Access the SSRV DSP Toolkit here

If you have any questions about the toolkit, like which of the impairment tables is relevant to your illness/injury or how the impairment tables work, please do not hesitate to give us a call: 03 9448 8048

We work closely with advocates and referrers

When someone is sick or injured, the process of dealing with an insurance company and/or Services Australia for injury or illness insurance, the Disability Support Pension and other Centrelink benefits can be frustrating, daunting and exhausting. If you're providing assistance to someone with a chronic illness and you'd like advice or help with insurance options and their entitlement to a DSP, we can help.

Learn more here about our Advocates and Referrers services

Help with insurance, DSP, Centrelink or NDIS for your chronic illness?

If you’re ill or injured and can’t work or have had to reduce your work hours, or are thinking of stopping work, it’s really important to get expert advice on what you are covered for and when you can make a super claim and/or apply for the Disability Support Pension.

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