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Depression and TPD claims


Claiming TPD for depression

Depression is a mental illness which is widespread in Australia and around the world. The impact of depression is different for each person. Some people are affected temporarily and some long term. If you’re diagnosed with depression and can no longer work due to the illness, you may be entitled to insurance held in your superannuation. This could include TPD benefits and/or income protection benefits.

Impact of depression on daily life can be significant

People who suffer from depression describe symptoms including:

  • a lack of motivation;
  • lethargy;
  • intrusive and overwhelming thoughts;
  • self-doubt;
  • feelings of guilt;
  • irritability;
  • frustration; and
  • unhappiness (to name just a few).

Treatment options range from counselling and medication through to Electroconvulsive therapy.

The long-term impacts of untreated depression include suicide and it is a serious illness. Also, sometimes the long-term impacts of the treatment which is provided can be debilitating in their own right.

Depression and capacity to work

Often people who suffer from depression need to cease work for a period of time to focus on their health and well-being or they have to cease work entirely. Sometimes work or a particular workplace is a factor which causes or contributes toward the depression.

People who cease work due to depression are usually entitled to income protection and total and permanent disability (TPD) benefits. These benefits might be held in their superannuation fund or may be products which have been purchased directly from an insurer. These benefits can be paid in addition to WorkCover payments and even when the depression is caused by a particular workplace or situation.

These disability insurance benefits can provide a person who is suffering from depression with the financial security to engage with appropriate treatment or take time away from work to focus on their health. In some cases, an income protection or TPD benefit can be life-changing for someone who suffers from depression.

It’s important to seek advice if considering stopping work or reducing your hours

If you have been diagnosed with depression or anxiety and are having trouble working or have ceased work due to your illness, we recommend that you get in touch for some free advice.

We can check what superannuation insurance benefits you have and give you advice on how to make a claim. Making TPD or income protection claims relating to depression anxiety can be complicated, but not impossible.

With the right help and the support of your doctors, you have a good chance of making a successful claim.

Get help from a TPD lawyer

At Berrill & Watson, we’re experts in all things “income protection and TPD claims”, whether for physical or mental illness or injury. 

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