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We help people claim total and permanent disability (TPD), income protection, death and other insurance benefits all over Australia. We do this work for people in Sydney, Newcastle, Wollongong, the Riverina and all over NSW.

We come to you which means, no matter where you are in NSW, we can arrange for Norm McMurray, Tom Cobban or John Berrill to come and visit you at your home or somewhere nearby.

Because we are superannuation and insurance experts, we know all about the different types of super TPD benefits offered under each of the different funds.

Traditionally, a lot of people in New South Wales had death and disability claims with First State Super, however, there are a number of superannuation funds which are active in NSW today.

Every Superannuation fund’s terms and conditions are different

Before making a disability or death benefit claim from any superannuation fund it is important to remember that each superannuation fund’s terms and conditions are different and each claim will be assessed on its individual terms.

Claiming TPD benefits from more than one fund

A person who has more than one superannuation fund when they cease work can sometimes make more than one claim but the outcome of each claim will depend on the relevant policy terms and conditions.

In some cases, there are terms in the policy which restrict multiple claims, so these claims must be lodged first. Therefore, we recommend that anyone claiming on more than one policy seek advice prior to lodging the claim to maximise their entitlements.

Don’t get caught out by restrictions on claims with more than one fund – seek legal advice to protect your benefits.

Big win for worker with Multiple Sclerosis

We have had a lot of success claiming superannuation insurance benefits for many people in NSW.

One big win involved a lady that had previously worked as a medical professional in a self-employed capacity. She ceased work due to Multiple Sclerosis and was unable to return to work.

She had seven (yes, seven) TPD claims; some held in super and some outside of super (in private funds).

After carefully reading all of the policy terms and conditions, we were able to make claims on each of these policies in a way that protected her entitlement to each of the benefits.

We were successful in each of the seven claims and she received more than $3.1M.

It doesn’t matter what fund you have your policy(s) with

We have significant experience across the many funds available and we’ve run and won super and insurance claims for our clients, all across Australia.

Need help?

If you’re unsure if you have any insurance entitlements for injury and illness or you’ve had a TPD, income protection or any other insurance claim rejected, don’t give up. Do not just let it be.

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