Travel Insurance

Australians love to travel. When we do, we are often adventurous and like to spend time in countries that may not be as safe as our own or may not provide the same level of medical care.

For this reason, travel insurance is a must when we travel, particularly when we travel abroad.

For many who suffer injuries or illness, getting travel insurance cover can be difficult. We are often asked: I have an illness and I cannot get travel insurance, can you help? Often, yes we can.

Whilst insurers are allowed to pick and choose who they cover, there must be a connection between the injury or illness and the type of cover which is refused. For example, an insurer can refuse insurance cover for medical expenses for a person who has a chronic illness, but there is no reason why that same person should not be given insurance cover for luggage damage or loss.

Also, travel insurance claims often contain pre-existing condition clauses and claims can be refused on the basis that an illness or injury which leads to hospitalisation, and an associated claim on the policy, pre-existed the trip or the start of the insurance cover.

This can lead to devastating outcomes for the gravely ill or the families of deceased’s travellers.

If you have an issue getting travel insurance or making a claim on a travel insurance policy, get in touch with one of the team at Berrill & Watson.

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