Storm versus Flood Insurance Claims

To most people, if you get water in your house, it’s a flood and your insurance policy will cover it.

However, this is not always that case. In the insurance world, the difference between storm and flood is a very important difference which has occupied lawyers and court rooms to no end.

Basically, most policies distinguish between damage caused by flood water (waters escaping from rivers, creeks, dams, lakes and other watercourses) and storm water (water escaping from drains etc and rain water which has nowhere else to go).

Some policies exclude, and will not cover or provide limited cover only, for damage caused by flood water. Flood water exclusions can only be included in a policy if you have been advised in writing of the exclusion.

Also, what appears to be flood can sometimes be storm water damage and vice versa. Examining the merits of an insurer’s decisions that damage is caused by flood will usually require expert hydrological evidence and legal advice.

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