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How do Aware Super insurance products work?


How do the insurance products work in Aware Super?

Who is Aware Super?

Aware Super is the product of the merger of First State Super, VicSuper, WA Super and VISSF. Like each of these super funds that make up the recently rebranded Aware Super, Aware Super is an industry super fund.

Aware Super insurance products

Aware Super offers a number of insurance products to its members including:

The insurance cover which you hold with Aware Super may depend on how you became a member of Aware Super. For example, if you became a member of Aware Super after a merger between your old super fund and Aware Super, it may be that you have different insurance compared to those members that have always been Aware Super members.

Consider these scenarios

You were a member of another fund before it merged with Aware Super 

  • If prior to becoming an Aware Super member, you were a Police Blue Ribbon Super/First State Super member, you probably have automatic unit-based death and TPD cover in an amount which is determined based on how old you are.
  • You are unlikely to have any default income protection insurance cover but you can apply for such cover.
  • Also, the terms and conditions attached to your superannuation insurance cover may be different to that of other members.

You have always been a member of Aware Super 

  • If you have always been an Aware Super member, you may be referred to as a personal member.
  • You are likely to have been provided with default death and TPD insurance, provided you satisfy certain eligibility criteria.
  • However, the amount and cost of the insurance you obtain and the specific terms, are likely to be different to those which apply to Police Blue Ribbon Superannuation members (referred to in the above scenario) and other members who have come from other super funds.

Income protection cover with Aware Super

Unlike some other superannuation funds, Aware Super does not offer its members default income protection insurance. However, members can apply for income protection insurance cover directly with Aware Super if they decide to do so.

Get help

We have acted for many people in relation to disability insurance claims via Aware Super. If you find yourself in circumstances where you are unable to work due to illness or injury and you are an Aware Super member, please do not hesitate to get in touch for cost-free and obligation-free advice.

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