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How much do lawyers charge for TPD claims?


How much do lawyers charge for TPD claims?

Most lawyers that assist with TPD claims charge on a "no win, no fee" or contingency basis. It is normal that a fee is calculated based on an hourly rate or by reference to a scale of costs (for example, the Practitioner Remuneration Order). So, how much will the lawyer fee for a TPD claim be? The answer is, it depends!

How we charge for TPD claims at Berrill & Watson

We act for all of our clients on a "no win, no fee" basis. This means that if we are not successful with your claim, we do not get paid.

Not only does this arrangement make for a great incentive for us to get in and get the job done well, it also means that our clients are not left with hefty legal bills if their claim is not successful.

Our fees are fixed at the beginning of your claim

At Berrill and Watson, we charge you a fixed fee amount for the work that we do on claims.

This means that our clients have the certainty of knowing exactly what they will pay in legal fees if their claim is successful (remember, no lawyer’s fees if your claim is unsuccessful) and they are not left with large, unexpected legal bills. This is particularly convenient on TPD claims that are claims for a set or agreed amount of insurance benefits (unlike many other forms of compensation which are calculated relative to loss of income or pain and suffering).

Charging on a "no win, no fee" basis along with fixing your fees at the beginning of your matter, also means that you don’t have to worry about racking up big costs each time you call or email us. If you need us, you can speak to us without having to worry that we are watching the clock or otherwise adding to your bill.

It is not legal for lawyers to take a percentage of the benefit you receive

In Australia, lawyers are not able to charge by taking a percentage of what you are paid (eg, 20% or 30% of your compensation or benefit amount), as is common in the US or Canada.

For this reason, our fixed fee charges are calculated based on the amount of work which will be done on your claim. By working out the fee in this way, we make sure that the fees are fair. We also go to great lengths to make sure that the amount which we charge is proportional to the amount of the benefit you will receive.

Importantly, we never charge you more than your payout and, in most cases, our fee works out to be just a fraction of your overall benefit.

How do we compare with other firms’ fees?

At Berrill and Watson, we pride ourselves on charging fair amounts for TPD and other disability insurance claims.

We have seen examples of our fees being much less than what is charged by our competitors. In some cases, we charge more than 50% less than other firms, yet we are still a firm with extensive experience on TPD claims (and other insurance claims like income protection and terminal illness). We get great results for our clients while offering a responsive and professional service.

You can read what our clients say about working with us, here.

Get help from a TPD lawyer

If you are unwell or injured and looking for a lawyer to help with your TPD claim, we recommend that you look around for the lawyer with the best experience that will charge you a fair amount.

If you have spoken to a few different lawyers and are yet to make a decision about how to go ahead, give us a call for a free cover check, free advice on your claim and an obligation-free fixed quote.

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How we charge

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