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Rest Super TPD insurance and income protection features


TPD and income protection benefits available with Rest Super

Rest is short for the Retail Employee Superannuation Trust. It’s has been a super fund for retail employees for many years. Like many other industry super funds, Rest tailors its insurance offerings to suit the majority of its members and offers insurance benefits which it feels best suits those members. In this article, we look at their total and permanent disability (TPD) insurance and their income protection insurance options.

Rest Super’s TPD insurance offering

Because of its history as a fund for retail workers (ie workers in supermarkets and other retail outlets), many of Rest’s members are younger and lower-income earners. As a result, its lump sum TPD benefits are generally lower in value than those offered by some of the other retail or industry superannuation funds.

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For example, at present (August 2021), the TPD insured benefits offered as default TPD benefits (ie without the need to make a formal application) is $28,600 for all members aged between 25 and 59.

By offering a TPD benefit at this amount, Rest reduces the amount that is deducted from its members’ accounts for TPD insurance premiums. If you are a Rest member and you decide that you would like to get a higher level of TPD insurance cover, you can make an application. We always recommend that you get advice before deciding to make changes to your insurance cover.

Rest Super’s income protection insurance

In addition to its default TPD insurance offering, Rest also provides default income protection insurance cover. You do not need to apply for this separately, you get this cover automatically when you join.

The default income protection cover benefits are:

  1. payable for up to 5 years if you are sick or injured and unable to work;
  2. start to be paid after a 60 day waiting period;
  3. paid at 77% of your pre-disability income, up to the total monthly insured amount.

Once you have been paid income protection benefits for 5 years, no more payments will be made.

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As with the TPD insurance benefits, the total monthly insured amount (or benefit) changes as you get older. Currently, the monthly insured amount is $2,125 a month at age 25 and $2,000 at age 50.

The default income protection insurance coverage ceases at age 70. Applications to increase the insured benefits or otherwise change the terms of the coverage can be made, but we recommend that you seek advice before making any changes.

Rest Super’s death insurance

Rest also provides its members with default death insurance, which can be claimed if you die (by your beneficiary) or become terminally ill.

The death benefits provided are substantially more than the insured benefits for TPD. The default sums insured increase between the ages of 25 and 40, up to a maximum of almost $400,000 and then begin to decline again after the age of 40, up until the cover ceases at age 70. (Figures current as at August 2021)

Get help

The default insurance benefits offered by Rest provide some protection for you if you are sick or injured and unable to work. If you are a Rest member, and you have had to cease work due to illness or injury, we recommend that you get in touch for some free advice on any possible claims that you can make.


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Please note that the above information is based on Rest’s insurance arrangement as at 30 July 2021. Those insurance entitlements are subject to change and will change over time. If you require advice about Rest’s current insurance arrangements, please get in touch for some free advice.

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